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Handy Image Mapper 2.0

Handy Image Mapper is a tool to create <map> HTML tags for a picture
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Handy Image Mapper is a very useful and effective software tool which allows you to easily create and insert image maps into HTML documents. Image maps are generally used to provide a navigation alternative to your website by means of images. Image maps are generally HTML components which are not very easy to understand, implement and test. These html image maps are implemented using the coordinates of the actual picture on a user’s screen.

Handy Image Mapper helps you a lot by providing you with a user friendly, intuitive interface, which allows you to define your own Hot-spots which can be hyperlinked to another file. Furthermore, Handy Image Mapper provides users as many as three options to create hot-spots on their pictures. These options include rectangular, circular and polygonal region types of map elements. The Handy Image Mapper software is capable of defining and creating unlimited number of image imaps on a single picture file according to the user’s choice. To create an image map and place it on the clipboard after adding areas, press the "Place on clipboard" button. You can also include the <IMG> tag, checking the appropriate box.

Neeraj Joshi
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  • Freeware
  • Fast Development
  • Unlimited number of image maps supported


  • Evidently needs an embedded text editor
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